Aeotec Home Energy Meter gen2 ZW095-C

Hi, have anyone got this to work, the 3-clamp/phase version?
I’ve added it to Homey and it gets added as two devices; HEM and Clamp 1.
After a while it shows values but there all the same, ie 200V, 200A, 200W …
Any ideas as too what I might be doing wrong or is it simply not working with Homey?
Using Homey 2.0.0 and Aeotec 2.0.18

I yesterday added

HEM (2nd edition) Model: DSB28_ZWEU, 3Phase4 60Amps

, and for this also only 1. clamp is visible. Probably Athom did not included 3.clamp version in their Aeotec app.
It would be nice, if they add support for this also (It worked for me in Fibaro system, but now I moved to Athom universe :slightly_smiling_face: )


  1. Aeotec Home Energy Meter ZW095 1 phase and Aeotec Home Energy Meter ZW095 3 phase have same productId and productTypeId.

  2. And now, with app Aeotev v2.0.18 - 04.01.19 form, you can not pair with Aeotec Home Energy Meter ZW095 1 phase (because it’s not support multiChannelNodes).

So I must rebuild and customize source code to work with Aeotec Home Energy Meter ZW095 1 phase and Aeotec Home Energy Meter ZW095 3 phase. But I only can use one of them, that’s mean when I use Aeotec Home Energy Meter ZW095 1 phase, I can’t use Aeotec Home Energy Meter ZW095 3 phase

Hope Athom can fix this problem.

Since this is only a community, you’d better report this via

This is just bull… I’m waiting for support for 3 clamp power meter for at least 1,5 years. Opened request on diferent pages like requested by moderators. Opened ticket with athom now for the second time…

With openhab it worked 2 years ago I first installed it no problem.

Just pointless …

Hi Kevin, are you saying that you have a rebuilt version that works with the 3-clamp HEM?
Would you like to share it?

Hi @Stefan_Rehnberg,

Sorry for the long response. Here is my source code.

This app base on Aeotec app version 2.0.17 on

This app support for Aeotec devices below :

  1. Panic Button - DSA38
  2. Multisensor 4-in-1 - DSB05
  3. Water Sensor - DSB45
  4. Repeater - DSD37
  5. Garage Door Controller Gen5 - ZW062
  6. Multisensor 4-in-1 Gen5 - ZW074
  7. Smart Switch - ZW075
  8. Heavy Duty Smart Switch - ZW078
  9. Siren Gen5 - ZW080
  10. Key Fob - ZW088
  11. Recessed Door Sensor - ZW089
  12. Home Energy Meter Gen5 - 3 phase - ZW095-3C
  13. Smart Switch 6 - ZW096
  14. LED Bulb - ZW098
  15. Smart Dimmer 6 - ZW099
  16. Multisensor 6 - ZW100
  17. Nano Dimmer - ZW111-C
  18. Door/Window Sensor 6 - ZW112
  19. Nano Switch - ZW116
  20. Range Extender 6 - ZW117
  21. Door/Window Sensor Gen5 - ZW120
  22. LED Strip - ZW121
  23. Water Sensor 6 - ZW122
  24. Wallmote Duo - ZW129
  25. Wallmote Quad - ZW130
  26. Dual Nano Switch - ZW132
  27. Nano Switch - ZW139-C
  28. Nano Shutter - ZW141
  29. TriSensor - ZWA005
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Aeotec made an error there, using the same Id’s for two different products… Guess Athom will have to create two devices so one can choose which one to pair but auto-discovery won’t be possible then @MatthewWaanders ?

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After some thinking I would advise to create a seperate app for the 3-clamp device, based on everything for Aeotec but without all other devices. Think that will be the best solution, don’t know if Athom will be happy with it but as long as there is no “Is this device multichannel” during discovery I don’t see another workaround? Or maybe @Caseda has some brilliant idea?

Sure, even have 2 options.
Just let every clamp be its own device, if you only have the 1 clamp you can just delete the 2 obsolete clamp devices.

Or 2 put all 3 (4, if there is a combined one?) measurements in 1 device, then the not used once will just show “null” or in athom wording a dash -

The latter I do for the fibaro binary sensor, as it has 4 optional temperature sensors.

Thanks! It installs fine, but not able to set advanced settings on the clamps, throws an error

With my app, you only can set advanced setting on main , not on the clamps

ok, but how can it read data from the clamps if you cant set command parameters for them?
The way I see it, you need to set parameter 101 for each clamp.

If you want to read data from the clamps ( kWh, Watt, Voltage and Amperage for each clamp ), you must go to advanced setting and set parameters 101, 102 and 103 with value 4144911
It’s the way you can read kWh, Watt, Voltage and Amperage for each clamp.

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Could you please add the nano shutter to the offcial app.

It think you just have to confirm something over here


Can someone please explain exactly how I get the app from @ KevinLe installed?
Thank you in advance.

Thanks, I tried this implementation, but as my device is not Gen5 device it adds mine clamp meter as basic.

If I could undestand, how to change needed for my device settings in this improved app, then I could to this, but it is at moment too complicated to me.

I have this, Model: DSB28_ZWEU, 3 clamp device, as mentioned earlier

If this is possible to add by somebody, or to explain or point to explanation then I would be very grateful.

Any chance that the group meter ZW095-C1A60 will be supported in the future? Also known as HEM1 60A Z-wave Plus Gen 5 with 1 clamp. I tried the beta app, and it is recognized upon pairing , but fails to complete the pairing sequence

Is there also any chance that the sensor TriSensor ZWA005 will be supported in the near future?
It is now only recognised as a standard Z-wave device.


Anyone can tell if ZWA005 will be added to the list?

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