Home energy meter 3phase

Seriously. Why is it soo hard to get Aotec app to work and show all three clamps for Home Energy Meeter and report them to insight. Several “hackers” have done it so why is it soo impossible to get it in the official app?

Here is the serious answer: Cause the single clamp and triple clamp are the same device, your so called “hackers” only implemented either the single or the triple version in their custom version, Aeotec can’t do that, they will have to implement it in such a way that both will work, which isn’t the easiest to do.
Plus the guy working on the Homey app only has very limited time to work on the Homey app.

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… Then it sounds to me that a 3 phase version would cover all variants. In case of fewer clamps they would just be zero and not mess up power calculations.
But I can’t judge how difficult this programming is and what the workload the programmer is faced with.
I really need I individual clamp readings so I’m faced with the alternative live with a hack which doesn’t support my other Aotec stuff.
Sorry if I offended anybody but it’s just so frustrating with years on end without any resolution.