3 phase energy meter that's fully supported?

Please anyone can tell me which 3phase energy meter that is fully supported by Homey.
I checked the Aotec GEN5 (ZW095-C) and QUBINO 3-PHASE SMART METER (ZMNHXD1)
But it doesn’t work properly :disappointed:
I saw a Shelly 3EM someone can confirm that’s working without problems?

Shelly 3EM CONFIRM :+1:

maybe this one (not owned & tested) (in Dutch) homewizard.nl/shop/homewizard-wifi-3-fase-din-rail-kwh-meter#
I’ve a perfect P1 meter of that brand

Shelly 3EM and also Watty working fine here :+1:t3:

Sorry to ask a question “off topic”, but what does not work with the Aeotec GEN5 (ZW095-C)? I am in the prosess of ordering one to use with Homey to monitor and control a three phase water heater

Works fine. Note that you will need to:

  • use a manual IP address, username and password for your Wifi network
  • Once in your wifi, do a Firmware-update first, to be able to add the Shelly 3EM in Homey

There is a device called wibee, even if it is a bit expensive it works very well (Wibeee Home | Wibeee). It connects through wifi and it is cloud based but if you wish (especially for security reasons) you can cut it the internet connection and handle just locally.

It allows to locally connect (IP network) and to collect a lot of information (power, voltage, intensity, etc.) via web services so you can collect it periodically in homey and register the information, graphs, etc. Please note you will still need to develop something in Homey in order to make the HTTP calls and to retrieve the info.

It connects directly to your energy panel just clicking on it so you don’t need to bother cabling or changing batteries. It is very convenient.

There is as well a Frient electrical energy meter device which I believe it is supported in Homey (https://www.amazon.co.uk/20207000-Electricity-Consumption-Battery-Powered-SmartThings/dp/B08WXT6HHJ). I have not tested. It is cheaper and it might work for you if mono phase is ok.

I used to have an aeotec energy meter in the past (before moving to Homey) but it was battery based (batteries just lasted a couple of weeks) and the measurements were inacurate.

I ordered the 3EM and installed it.
I have one question is it possible to sum the power from all 3 phases?
I want to make a flow that will send me a notification when the sum power exceeds 2kW


Use the group app or make a calculation with inbuild logic calculation

Looking at the flow cards there isn’t any separate phase metering?
In other words, it is already combined so it seems.
Or do the tags/variables provide for L1, L2 and L3?

The 3EM inclusion makes three devices, one for each phase. So yes, those flow cards mean one phase measurements.

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Ok grouping helped me thank you.
Anyone knows why are the measurement values with - minus sign?

Looks like it’s wired the wrong way around? OR your solar system produces more energy than you use. I don’t know where you connected it in between.

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The 3 phase meter from homewizard , is it possible to Get it to show voltage in the Homey app?

Not yet

You can ask the developer if it can be added to the app, by posting in the Homewizard app topic.
You can find the link to that topic at the app page in the app store.

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