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No temperature reported by my Qubino sensor

I already replaced the temperature sensor to be sure it is not defective. Is there a z-wave command I could give to read out this temperature manually? Did anyone have this problem as well in the past (or now) and if solved, how did you do that?

Homey: 1.5.12
Qubino app version: 2.0.7

You need to exclude the device and after connecting the temperature sensor, include it again.


Done that, doesn’t help. I upgraded to 1.5.13, still no difference. I cannot even switch the light on or off when using the Qubino app. When I am on developer.athom.com I can submit a basic on and off command, that one does work. So I know the connection is OK to the device (ZMNHND1).

Not seen this problem before here, I don’t have temp.sensors so I have no experience with them.

Can you operate the device via the tab Zoes/Devices/ [device] : (Click on the icon )

Can you operate the device by a Flow command?

First try everything close to Homey, before you build it in.

When I use those buttons, nothing happens. And it is also not working within flows.

seems to be a known problem https://github.com/athombv/homey/issues/2790

I opened that issue on Github :slight_smile:

O.K. you did not mention you placed it on Github,
Are you sure that your device is not broken? Maybe you can ask your supplier if he can test these functions?

I just uninstalled the 2.0.7 version of the app and installed the 1.1.8 version and now both temperature and switching on and off is working again. There is something going wrong in the 2.0.7 version…

Tried to update the problem on GitHub, but there is a message:

This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.

Strange… There is no possibility anymore to submit problems on GitHub anymore?

You can place it on on the general Athom Github page

Interesting find btw

@Ray While you have installed the older version of the app, can you test if the problem I have also exist? The problem is on Github

Qubino dimmer ZMNHDD starts always at 100% from flows

so when a dimmer is dimmed to 50% and it is switched OFF, and after that, it is switched ON via a Flow-Card, it starts with 100%, This is not useful for me, I want it to start again at 50%, like Fibaro dimmers do. Thanks

The whole repository is read-only. Did they move the repository to somewhere else?

I have a ZMNHND, I do not have a ZMNHDD, otherwise I would be very happy to test.

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The old issue tracker on GitHub has been archived as we want to handle all issues through our new Help Center. For developers there are new issue trackers available for the Apps SDKand Web API.
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