No feedback from Qubino ZMHBD1 switches

Hi Everyone,

recently I have been trying to expand my Homey setup with Qubino z-wave modules. In the end I want to use as much as possble Z-Wave equipment so this was my first attempt. Altough I get the module workong in Homey (using the Qubino app), Homey does not notice when the module is not reacable anymore (e.g. no power connected anymore to it) In the app it still switche on and off and there is no feedback at all that nothing happens. Is this normal behaviour?

Thanks, Tjakko

Not sure what should happen when disconnecting power, but I believe you should always leave the N and L inputs connected and “hot”.
Usually the module should always be connected to the power and the module will disconnect power from the load.

Thanks Arno, this is exactly the challenge. I would expect Homey to give an error message if it cannot reach a module due to e.g. no power or simply because a module cannot be reached in the z-wave network. Most modules do this. The Qubino one however shows a status change (on or off) even if it is not reachable. So Homey never has the feedback that a command was not executed. Similar behavious from what you would expect from a module that does not support two way communication like a KaKu module …

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