Qubino Devices not available after update

After the Qubino update I can not reach my devices any more. I installed the beta app and included all my devices again, now after the new app was released, all devices are not available any more. Do I need now exclude/ include all devices again?

Dear Homey user,

You are receiving this message because you are currently using the beta version of the Qubino Homey App.

Athom has been working on an update (v3.0.0) for the Qubino Homey App for quite some time now. This update features many new supported devices, improvements, bug fixes and is built on our most recent SDK.

Unfortunately, some of these changes are not compatible with the version of the Qubino Homey App you have currently installed (v2.0.10).

Next week we will push the update to v3.0.0 of the Qubino app for Homey. Some of your devices might become unavailable and require to be re-installed on Homey. These breaking changes do not affect users who installed their devices with v1.1.8 (current stable version). You can avoid this by turning off auto-updates for the Qubino Homey App for the time being.

Below a list of devices that will need re-pairing when updating from v2.0.10 to v3.0.0:

  • Flush 1 Relay (ZMNHAA)
  • Flush 1 Relay (ZMNHAD)
  • Flush 2 Relays (ZMNHBA)
  • Flush 2 Relays (ZMNHBD)
  • Flush Dimmer (ZMNHDA)
  • Flush Dimmer (ZMNHDD)
  • Flush On/Off Thermostat (ZMNHIA)
  • Flush Heat & Cool Thermostat (ZMNHKD)
  • Flush 1D Relay (ZMNHND)
  • DIN Dimmer (ZMNHSD)
  • Smart Meter (ZMNHTD)
  • Flush Dimmer 0-10V (ZMNHVD)

Additionally, the capabilities of some devices have changed. This means that when updating from v2.0.10 to v3.0.0 some of your Flows might break for the following devices:

  • Flush Shutter (ZMNHCD)
  • Flush Shutter DC (ZMNHOD)

Although we believe this inconvenience is part of being a beta tester, we also recognise that we could’ve done better. Therefore, as a one-time offering, we’d like to give you a 15% discount on all Qubino products sold in the Talks with Homey Store. Use the coupon code QUBINO .

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After updating to 3.0.2, and repairing (delete and add) my ZMNHBD flush 2 relay is not reacting on set on or set out. Homey knows the device, but relay is not reacting.
Any advise?
Solved by deleting and back adding the device, but bring the homey closer to device! (3 meter)

I installed version 3.0.2 and after a few days de qubino dimmer didn’t work anymore. I repaired the qubino several times, reinstalled de app several times but after one or two day Homey doesn’t see the qubino anymore.
What can I do to solve this.
Does I have to buy an other brand?