Add ZMNHJD1 on Homey Pro


The winter arrive and i have lot of ZMNHJD1 qubino Equipment. A fortiori this equipment is not available on the official application. Do you have an idea to integrate it?

I need help plz :slight_smile:


Asking in 2 different topics doesn’t help.
Did you look on the app page?

Thx for your answer. It s not a problem from qubino. The developper don’t add this equipement in the app.

Who is the developer?
Support is also by Qubino.

As @Mike1233 mentioned, please contact the app developer Qubino via email. Qubino also has its own thread here on the forum, but it seems that they are no longer active there. The last update of the app is 10 months ago also.
A reason for the silence can be that Qubino has most likely been acquired by Shelly (Link 1, Link 2). So it may be that further development of the app is currently stopped.

@Mike1233 & @DirkG thx, i have sent an email to qubino to explain my problem. I hope a résolution come soon