[Abandoned] deCONZ

The new home assistant app isn’t as stable as this deconz app. Also allot of devices you have to add with Mqtt otherwise it won’t work (like remotes or some power plugs).

I cannot confirm this. I deleted the deConz app because it is no longer being developed.
The Conbee2 is now connected directly to the Home Assistant. All devices registered with HA are transferred with the HA app (Community Store).

I was using the Home assistant app of the App Store. So that’s the difference.

It’s keep comming back, and it is always after a hikup on my network.
Hope that somebody is going to support is again soon…

In case someone is still using this, I updated Homey to 8.0.5 and this app still works.

My question is - if you did switch, what is your Zigbee solution now?

Back to direct to Homey (that was barely usable in my case)?

Home Assistant?

Appreciate your feedback.

I think this is your answer, Ruskie

With 8.0.6 it stopped working for me :frowning:

I’m on 8.0.6 (with Deconz 1.29.2) but it’s working fine here.

Often a restart after an update solves the weirdest issues

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Did that several times… ;-(

Just a quick note: I am using deconz for a couple of Tuya plugs for PCs, and they had reporting set to 1s. This caused Homey “Load Average” to exceed 2 when the PCs got used (=fluctuating load), leading to control delays sometimes.

I changed the reporting config in the DDF of the plugs for the measurement clusters to 5s, which lowered the Average Load on Homey to <1 and still provides near realtime power readings.

      "bind": "unicast",
      "src.ep": 1,
      "cl": "0x0B04",
      "report": [
          "at": "0x0505",
          "dt": "0x21",
          "min": 10,
          "max": 500,
          "change": "0x00000001"
          "at": "0x0508",
          "dt": "0x21",
          "min": 5,
          "max": 300,
          "change": "0x00000001"
          "at": "0x050B",
          "dt": "0x29",
          "min": 5,
          "max": 300,
          "change": "0x00000001"
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I changed everything to 1 sec too a while ago. Didn’t use the DDF to change this, could you explain a bit further in detail how exactly you did this?

And why did you change to 5 sec and nog 2 / 3 sec?

The DDF also contains reporting config that will be set on plugs that support reporting when starting deconz, for example (the “bindings” part):

And if it’s a polling-only plug these polling intervals are used:
“refresh.interval”: 300

In my case 5s is frequent enough while still keeping the load average on Homey low with PCs running on several plugs.

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Cool, thanks! If I place this in the correct folder, (data\devices) and I reboot deconz, it immediately pics this up? Can I check the live setting somewhere you know of? The polling is set to 300 secs, meaning 5 mins. That’s to high imho, but then; who uses polling only :wink:

Exactly, anywhere under data\devices will do. The debug log will show if the DDF was found and loaded during startup. They might even already be used because a DDF for some rebranded Tuya plugs are built in (e.g. Neo/Blitzwolf like the Github link I pasted).

Alternatively you could select a device in deconz/vnc, open a DDF and choose “Hot Reload” from the menu to load it while deconz is already running:

The reporting config is usually updated within a couple of minutes, just Read the Reporting Configuration cluster to verify:

Depends on the manufacturer + FW if it supports polling or reporting, but as mentioned before I’m using the compact orange ones with the latest Tuya FW (upgraded using a Tuya hub) and they support reporting just fine.

Not sure if polling interval actually supports/uses really low intervals, but I guess it could be set to 15-30s or so for the most relevant clusters like Power consumption (W).

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If a device is not supporthing this, you can’t do this. Not all Tuya’s do unfortunately.

yesterday i have installed my ConBee II on Phoscon with Deconz App on Homey. Everything works great but anyone of you know why i cant see the scenes that i have created on Phoscon?
I have tried everything, reboot Phoscon GW, reboot Homey. Delete the Group on Homey and added it new but my created scenes on the Phoscon GW are not visible in Homey

Homey 8.0.8 and Phoscon 2.18.02 / 19.9.2022

I hope anyone can help me :slight_smile:

Are scenes actually supported by the deCONZ app?

Thats a good question. In Homey i can search for scenes but i didnt see the scenes that i have created for my groups :frowning:

By the looks of it, Phoscon scenes are just not supported by the app.