A dashboard made by Homey (Athom) might be (not far, far away, but:) on it’s way!

Although I am aware about my different opinion, I think Athom should NOT try to develop a fully customizable dashboard. Because then they would be reinventing the wheel again; they better leave that to the specialists. I would prefer that they offer a dashboard “solution” using a simple integration with an existing dashboard platform like HA, or Grafana or any others mentioned above.
The requirements, at least for me, is that the integration should be very simple indeed (for some of us even the MQTT integration looks daunting), there should be a low impact on performance, and that the dashboard should be accessible from the outside. And of course an embedded solution where they internally re-use an existing dashboard platform is also acceptable. We have seen that Athom has difficulties in living up to the expectations, so therefore I propose a pragmatic approach.

Addendum: and of course the solution should be free of charge as “integration” is their usual business.


Yes, such an approach would be a good solution too. But still, Athom has to do something, but I see no action whatsoever….

Can you give us a hint how you made this? Was it husing home assistant?

Hi guys, new to Homey (coming from Home Assistant) and just picked up this thread… is there no way of adding insights (charts) to the home screen or other types of cards like a gauge?

Really like the Homey but wont swap from HA unless there is a dashboard where one can add some charts (with different sizes) and custom cards.

But this is not coming anytime soon from what I can read in this thread?

The layout bust be revised as well to be able to have tabs with different types of objects like lamps or better navigation using zones/rooms.

Most Homey users are going the other way :smile:
They use Homey as central and HomeAssistand as dashboard.

You could keep your HA installation.
Install A Mqtt broker (as HA addon or standalone).
Install Mqtt client app and Mqtt hub app in Homey.

That way you can sync your Homey devices via Mqtt back to HA and make some nice dashboards.

If this would be an option for you, we can help you to set up the Mqtt sync.


Athom hast just leaked a new dashboard tab in the my.homey.app.
I updated the start post of this topic with:

Athom leaked a new tab in the https://my.homey.app in the Ask Me Anything YouTube stream tonight.

I can hardly belief that they did this unintentional. That would just be too dumb :wink:

Viewer Nick asked about it, but Emile did not really go into it. When another user found out that the icon name is “dashboards”, they didn’t deny it, joked a little about it and implied it is being developed

So Athom does seem to be working on a (or more? customizable?) dashboard(s) after all.
If you want to see for yourself; checkout 1h17m25s and 1h21m00s.

Applause for Athom!


I know of a game that has a whole website to leaking in development features. Where testers under NDA can anonymously drop screenshots of in development features. Perhaps someone should set up homeyleaks.app? :smiley:

Anyways… here’s to me blowing my chances at ever joining any test group under nda :clinking_glasses: :grimacing:


Probably the next option we can buy at some point for € 25…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, I’d be happy to support Athom that way.
I frequently pay that money for a new device. So if it is really good, I’d be happy to pay that for a proper dashboard as well… :slight_smile:


Max half of the Homey users will like it, the other half will call it useless.

Perhaps… But not necessarily.
Most users like the new Advanced Flows, so let’s just wait and see what Athom comes with.

If people don’t like it, they don’t have to use (or buy if that’s the case) it.
I am just happy that Athom clearly did listen to their users that have asked for a dashboard.


Denmark here…
I totally agree, hopefully it will be something like Sharptools :pray::pray:
Integration of cameras etc…


Athom should take a look at the Home Assistant dashboards. They could get a lot of inspiration there.
We’ll just wait and see what comes and whether you can use it without paying.

Sorry Uwe, this “without paying mentality” does not create innovations. For example the AF for 25,- Euro is a present from my point of view. If someone needs and likes AF of course. Just my opinion, but I don’t want to start another fundamental discussion here now. :wink:


You seem to slip in the words “Home Assistant” in every post you write nowadays… :slight_smile:

And I would be happy to pay a one time fee for a dashboard.
I think it is very clever of Athom that they try to create some more revenue from their products. And this way people get to choose to go along with it or not. No one gets set back if you choose not to participate.


Well, apart from the €400 you already spent on Homey Pro, of course. I can imagine some people would feel a bit sad that after paying that amount, they have to pay extra for features you would expect a home automation system of that price to have, certainly one that pretends it’s the only HA platform you’ll ever need.

They said last AMA they read along so I guess that even what some community members here think that Athom live’s in a cave programing everything below a giant Colorful light not looking at the world and not knowing what thread is and that it doesn’t matter

I guess they now can know what others have, I ̷h̷o̷p̷e̷ ̷ ̷. no I am sure they come with something Awesome. You may like it or prefere something else but a small leak of a preview :wink:

O, and for everyone already longer here, I didn’t hear it in the AMA but I think someone was thinking of Soon


We keep disagreeing. That Homey which one spend 400 euro for remains exactly the same without buying extra functionality. If one thinks Homey wasn’t worth the money at the time they bought it (because it lacked functionality at that moment in their eyes) they could have returned them.

Most Homey users easily spend 25 euro’s for extra hardware that extend their smart home, but when that same extension is software, it should be for free. I don’t get that. Developers have to eat as well.

And for most users (depending on how long ago they bought the white ball) Homey has improved a lot over time. Not only in updates, but upgrades too. Almost everything for free.


Too bad a lot of users run into Homey’s limitations when it’s too late to return it. And at that point, the sunk cost fallacy comes into play too.

But that’s not the point, the point is that more and more HA systems are coming to market, and flashy automation tools and (certainly!) dashboards are now an expected feature for a lot of people. Homey’s hardware hasn’t been updated for years and is getting more outdated by the minute, yet the price is still very steep, so like I said, I can imagine some people being disappointed when the buy a Homey only to find out it doesn’t even has a dashboard.

So when is Athom going to allow app developers to get paid for their apps? Or are community developers supposed to not eat?

No, they paid €300 or €400 for a device that has a considerably lower BOM cost.

Correct, they bought a piece of Hardware and at the same time software (including cloud services) and support and updates. And Athom is still supporting and updating it, their first HW version.