A dashboard made by Homey (Athom) might be (not far, far away, but:) on it’s way!

Would you have time to write a short tutorial and perhaps share the code?
Looks fantastic and highly customizable.

Just wondering…
Did you try how much (or little) is possible for the guest account with a dash on a tablet?
Give it a go, create a guest account, add devices everyone needs to control to favorites, and run homeydash.com on a tablet with this guest account.
Then they can view and push (your selected) tiles, but is that top sectret to your family?
The rights shown in the screenshot are the Homey app rights. When keeping the guest login to yourself, they can only push buttons selected by you on the tablet.
If I missed something, pls let me know.

Yes you missed something:

“cleaning lady, visitors, …” and
“and I don’t want them to see all (security) notifications, usage reporting, etc… ”

And looking at your overview I’m even more reluctant to have a central dasboard based on a guest account.

The rights matrix are true on the installed Homey app, not at homeydash.com.
I just say, give it a go, and check if it reveals too much info or not

Again: can we keep it on-topic here?!

You missed again something :wink:

“not the DIY experience”

If I have some time I will have a another look at homeydash. I did have a look at it in the past, ran in some issues and forgot about it. Time is the main constraint.

Sorry Henk.
rma68: i’m just trying to help you out… I end this conversation now.

That looks really awesome man. Care to share?

As requested by Henk pls Stay on Topic!,
"A dashboard made by Homey (Athom)… "

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It looks good. How did you do that?

There is a really cool product in development for a while now called Atmos Home. Backed this in 2018 but it took too long and is still in development. They are looking for investors. This may be a very nice tablet-like interface Homey needs. It has zigbee, z-wave, wifi, BLE etc. A few of these all over your house would be awesome working together creating the best coverage and interaction. Atmos/Athom they should talk :wink:

Sounds good!
Got a link to more info, pictures, etc?

If it will ever see the light of day I don’t know. It has been in development for a while now, I cancelled my pre-order because they didn’t make their deadline. The right choice because it was over a year ago since.
It has great potential but the communication towards backers was lacking and I didn’t have the best feeling going through. Eventhough the concept is just what I need, a tablet like dashboard to control your home packing every antenna you need it would be great hardware to housevest the homey software! Some minor tweaks towards camera, music (spotify) and good to go :wink:

Jag är superintresserad av en tutorial, söker efter exakt samma lösning som du har (nästan).

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Coming from SmartThings a good dashboard is the nr 1 thing I really missing.

I would defiantly support any work in this direction, and are willing to pay for a good option

So…did you share your code? Or just ignoring us?

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So on-topic:
Things i would like to see are:
In-house temperature (let me choose what sensor supplies it). Outside temperature (from weather service or sensor)
Ad lightswitches and switches like for curtains and fans.
Sensor information that i can choose (like lux, movement)
Camera images.
Scenes (Basically flows as a button and i can choose the image).
What doors are open?
Choose a floor or room to control.


…So in principle like this ?

That also works in more beautiful.

Home Assistant can do all this and can even be paired with Homey.


Hoe heb je deze gemaakt? Ziet er fantastisch uit!