24v garage door impuls


I have a garage door that works with a 24v impuls. Will this work with a fibaro double switch?

I guess no, but with a Fibaro Smart Implant.

Thanks for your answer. So the device will need 24 v and wil deliver a pulse to the motor of the garage door? Is this power supply ac or dc?

Does it open/close by a push-button?
Or are you supplying 24 Volt to it? and how is this done?
Brand? Documentation?

The questions of @JPe4619 are entitled.
Here are some important information about the Fibaro Smart Implant:

Manual: https://manuals.fibaro.com/smart-implant/

And in this topic it’s described how to do.

Many thanks for your info.
The door operates indeed with a push button. The door contact is 24 volts.

So it’s possible to use the Fibaro Smart Implant. Look into the manual of the garage door opener where you can connect P and GND of the SI for power supply.
The output of the SI (OUT1 or OUT2) should connected parallel to your external push button.

In this post I added some sketches with possibility’s how to connect the Smart Implant.