[Garage door automation] Succesful Fibaro / Novoferm Novoport installation

Heroes of all sorts,

I recently installed a new Novoferm garage door with a Novoport motor. Since I’ve already installed a Fibaro switch or relais in several devices, I decided to also try to use Fibaro to switch the garage door.

I noticed some people in this forum complaining not getting it to work, but I managed, so I thought I’d post the steps here.

The Novoport has the following options to connect extras:


I used the Fibaro (Double) Smart Module:


Good to know is the Fibaro works on both 230V AC as well as 24V DC. Though you could tap 230V somewhere from the Novoport, it’s not in sight when the front lid is open. You cannot (!) use connector ‘K’ to tap 230V for the permanent feed of the Fibaro because ‘K’ switches off when the LED light from the Novoport is off.

What you can use is the permanent 20-24V DC between the left connector of ‘I’ and the right connector of ‘F’ (picture 9 in above picture) and connect these to the ‘N’ and ‘L’ of the Fibaro module.

To give a pulse / signal / power to actually switch, connect the left connector of ‘F’ and the right connector of ‘F’ to the ‘IN’ and ‘Q1’ of the Fibaro module.

What happens when you turn on the switch of the Fibaro module is that you get a continuous 20V signal on the I - F bridge. This blocks any other signal to open or close, so your Novoport remote will not work. To solve this you need to cancel the signal after a short time with a flow in Homey:

It practically says ‘if garage door = turned on then turn off after 5 sec.’.

From this point on you can make your own flows to open it to 50cm for 20 seconds for the mailman to shove in a package under the door when you are not home.

Since Google Assistant syncs perfectly with Fibaro, it also pops up in my Google Home and can be opened and closed by voice by using ‘on’. (‘open’ and ‘close’ won’t work because it is recognised as a switch and ‘off’ does not work either because open and close are both started by turning the switch on)

Clear description, thanks for sharing.

For the “pulse” via flow, you can combine the On and OFF into one flow:

For the ''pulse" function it is also possible to use the setting for parameter 150, to auto off:

The timing for this action can be set in parameter 154:

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Can you tell me where to change the parameters via homey? I can put the info in the raw parameters box like 150, 1B, 2 but I can not save it there.

I got it. No 1B and no spaces.
So 150,1,2

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Thanks for the tip JPe4619. It works like a charm. No more problems with unsuccesfull switch off via homey.

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