2 Zigbee devices offline

Since 3 hrs , 2 of my zigbee devices are not responding anymore
in developer tools - interview fails…
both are Osram devices but different types
I also restarted the osram app
what can I do?
thanks, Herbert

PTP. Or debug your Zigbee network, perhaps there’s interference that’s causing the problems, or your devices are at the edge of Homey’s Zigbee network and are “dropping off”.

ok now
after update to 7.2.1, one of them was functioning again
on the other one I did a power cycle ( which is not so easy, because it’s celling mounted )

and btw. both are directly connected to homey no hub between

strange ? could this be a OSRAM problem?

I have very similar issues since the update, i suspect my osram plugs also