Zooz ZSE18 Motion Sensor 800 Series

I recently bought a Zooz ZSE18 Motion Sensor 800 series. After working with Zooz support, they notified me that the previous 500 series version of the ZSE18 was integrated with Homey; however, it appears you have not integrated the new 800 series device. Zooz support said they sent an 800 series version to your team for integrations. When do you expect the 800 series of this device to be integrated? Thanks.

Hi @Ruckus,
you might better contact the developer under https://github.com/koktail-nl/com.getzooz.issues as described in the ZooZ App description on homey.app.
That might be faster.

I think you misunderstood. I have already contacted the developer. The Zooz developers sent Homey the 800 series integration and are waiting confirmation of integration.

I don’t see an issue reported on Github? Also, if you already contacted the developer, why create this thread?

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There are other ways to contact the Zooz developers other than GitHub. Once again, they said they were waiting on something from Homey end for integration. I posted this to see if I could get some insight into this from Homey. I’m sure other threads would love to hear your recommendations of go check GitHub, but this isn’t one of them. Thank you though.

You don’t seem to understand a few things.

“Homey” isn’t a company or a person, it’s a product. The maker of Homey is Athom.

The Zooz app is developed by a community developer (@Koktail), not Athom. So trying to contact Athom about it is useless, because a) they don’t read this forum and b) they will just tell you to contact the app developer.

The page on the app store for the Zooz app contains information on how to contact the app developer, which is the aforementioned Github page.

I guess I’ll stop helping out, since you seem to understand everything better than I do :man_shrugging:t3:


Once again to help:
By the gitgub link you don’t geht the Zooz developers, but the developers of the Zooz App for Homey. Sorry, I was not really clear in my first Post.
And via this Threads, you did not contact Homey but the community of Homey Users.
So why should we (just other users Like you) should know, when Athom or any Developer of apps for Homey will doch something?
And If the developer is not Athom or a company but a private person Person, investing his/her spare time do not like to be pushed.