Zooz ZEN22 switches not adding correctly

Just got my Homey Pro and I’ve been trying to add my Zooz Z-Wave devices.

Newer devices are working fine but my older Zooz ZEN22 switches are apparently not supported. These worked perfectly in Smartthings.

When added to Homey they’re added as generic Z-Wave devices. On/off works but the dimmer barely works. They will switch randomly between one of 3 brightness levels mostly independently of the dimmer level I set in the app.

I also don’t see any of the controls I saw in Smartthings (led control, ramp rate, etc.)

Is there any chance of getting these ZEN22 switches working? 90% of the lights in my home are this dimmer. If I can’t get it working I’m going to need to return this thing.

Hi Alex and welcome to the Homey Community Forum!

According to the device list in the App Store, the ZEN22 device is currently not supported by the Zooz app. The only way to get it work is to contact the developer of the Zooz app and ask them for adding this device. The same goes for additional functions.
Contact options can be found in the App Store.

While you wait for the app dev to add support to Homey:
It’s possible to import and use (zwave) devices, paired with the SmartThings hub, to Homey (for the time being) with this app below

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Thank you for the reply. I’ve installed the app discussed in that forum but available devices seem limited to: Lock, Presence, Smoke Detector, TV, Wall Plug, and Washing Machine.

The Z-Wave devices I need access to in Homey are all switches which I can’t seem to access using this method.