Ziggo mediabox next

Woohoo! I was thrilled to find the Ziggo Mediabox Next app today in the store. Installed immediately. Can’t wait for it to get stable… how about you?

Too many things that still need work though. No channel 150 (netflix lives there), so not automatic coupling of netflix to lights flow yet, but that’s probably an easy fix.

Anyone else installed it and played with it yet? Not so nice: when using the ziggo box card in an AND block, the status of the box is wrong. Also, when switching the thing “on” from a flow whilst is already is on, it switches off. Switch it on and switch channel results in the box switching off again - but it leaves the TV on. Lots of things need work, is it normal that a new app from athom has so many holes?

Not yet, not yet. I installed the app yesterday evening and toyed with it for maybe 5 minutes or so.

Before filing a report I want to experiment a little bit more and provide structured steps to reproduce. The combination box + TV is a tricky one since that may be specific to my set. Hence my question if anyone else observed the same (or similar) issues.

I’ve noticed that the box is always on, in the Homey app, even when it’s in stand-by modus. This makes it difficult to create a flow. For example a flow that turns the tv and de next-box on with a Virtual Device. Homey thinks the box is already on, so it doesn’t turn the box on.

Okay, I just filed a report with Athom. Hopefully, they’ll pick it up.

The app isn’t as bad as I thought yesterday (you see, that’s why I don’t file a report immediately ;-). The card that tests the box on/off works, but the box has a grace time after switching it off during which it goes into standby (the power LED turns blue) before actually turning off (the LED switches off). During this grace time the card reports true (as in: “the box is on”). That needs a fix I guess.

The other problem (the box switches off when it’s on when it receives another “switch on command”) I have verified. That behavior is a bug IMHO. If anyone can confirm, that would be great (yes, it is in the report I filed with Athom).

Hopefully, they’ll fix it before the holls.

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It has worked after installing the app but stopped working. Nothing happens when i push the ON button.

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App doesn’t work at all.
Nothing happens when I push the on button.

Did you already find a workaround for this? It’s now impossible to add a flow indeed. If not, did you already report the bug to the developer so that they know of this issue?

No didn’t find a workaround.

Hi since today i got the message that ziggo mediabox next isn’t available anymore with the description “Forbidden” …

Yes me too. Is Ziggo blocking this?

I am having this for weeks already. Tried removing device and reinstalling. Tried removing app and reinstalling. Tried restart of homey. No luck so you don’t have to try this

Ask Athom. It’s an app by Athom

Same problem here. I hope it can be fixed soon.

I already made an issue at Athom. They are looking into it

Can you tell me what login details you need for the Ziggo Next app? Not clear to me which one is needed and all accounts I tried didn’t work…

You need the account of ziggo to put in the app.

Thanks, works now.
Turned out the Next box wasn’t connected to my account yet.

Did you have to connect the box yourself or does Ziggo do it?
I just got a Medianext Box and I can’t login… :roll_eyes:
I used my Mijn Ziggo credentials.

I installed the box myself, easy to do.
But it took the Ziggo system quite a while to change the box in their system to be recognized.
Took about 2 weeks before it came visible in the Mijn Ziggo app, after that I could connect the box to my Homey.

I installed it myself too. No problems there.
The box shows up in Mijn Ziggo too. Well at least it’s serial number… can’t authenticate with the Homey app though.