Ziggo Next mini on/off status

For a few months now I own a Ziggo Next mini decoder and have been struggling with the on/off status.
Because the Next mini is behind a wall and not visible I can’t see if it is on or off.
In Homey the on/off status is not updated and is visible as always on.
Because I still use a Harmony Companion remote to select activities and this box is not supported because it is a BT device. Because of that I can’t set the box to on or off. That is where the Homey app comes in handy but when the status is always on is it some how difficult to set it on if you know what I mean. :man_shrugging:

I hope Athom can improve the app by giving us a seperate on and off button or a real time on/off status. The tile is only set to off when there is no power on the device.


same issue here.
The Ziggo Next app does not report the correct ON or OFF status and the push on the power button turns it on or off, there is no way to control/view what the actual power status is…