I am a new Homey user and struggling to get devices (TV and Ziggo Next box) properly connected and creating the right flow(s).

First added APP Samsung SmartTV and Ziggo (Athom), then successfully installed devices: TV Samsung Q7 Series (65) and Ziggo Mediabox Next.

Problem: Samsung TV is not responding/synchronising properly when switching ON/OFF.
Question 1: Do I need to tweak the advanced settings (Homey) or changes settings in my TV.

Problem: Next box is constantly ON (in Homey)
Question 2: Do I need to adjust settings in my Next box?

Question 3: Are there special flows when switching on TV followed by Next box?

Also using a Yamaha Amplifier and Blu-ray player in combination with a Logitech Harmony One remote.
Question 4: How to get these devices connected as well, is the Logitech Hub a solution?

Thanks in advance, Henk

Possibly there’s a setting somewhere (energy save options maybe) which says “Network always on” or “start tv by app”

You could consider a Broadlink RM mini. It can learn IR and send those signals using flow cards

Made some changes on my TV as suggest, now see if this is solving the problem.
Will check on the Broadlink RM mini. Thanks.

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