Control your Ziggo Next settopbox with Homey

Is there a way to connect the Ziggo Next with Homey? Similar to the current Horizon app for Homey.


You need a app for, or maybe but that you have to ask the devolper of the horizon app if it can be added to that one.

Yes! Would like that very much too!
The new Next box is awesome…! :slight_smile:


maybe somebody can use : “” to create an app for homey.

I found but my english is ;( en my knowledge is also -/-. Someone to explain in dutch how to install?

There is no way to install this. Someone needs to make a Homey app from it first.

OK I have to wait. and wait. Or trying something else :grinning: Or accept that that is not working … yet

Did everyone notice that the Ziggo Next app is there?


previously i used the broadlink rm pro together with google home to change the channels from the tv.
This was with te ziggo XL decoder. Now i also have the ziggo next. I see that you can change the channels thru a flow. All the channels seem to be there. Now i would like to say again oke google “rtl 4”.
However this does not work. He starts to read the news of rtl 4. How do you guys use homey to change the channels? What am i missing or not seeing here?

of course i do have the new next app installed.

Making a virtuel device for the channel

for every channel???

Yup otherwise not gonna work directly with homey. Wel known thats it not supported that “at this time”

oke , i tried and indee it works. lot of work but i will try.

[Wel known thats it not supported that “at this time”]this line i don’t understand. are you refering to the speech part in google?

GH cant switch everything on, wich are connected at homey……

oke, thanks for your answers. i do miss the nice pictures i had with the broadlink rm pro app and the voice control :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. to bad i can’t seem to get the ziggo next working with that

Today I found the ziggo next app is not working anymore. Checked the password and name no problem there. Am I the only one?

Here it works

Do you have the ziggo next? I don’t see next in your picture

Yes i have the next box