do all zigbee products work on Homey pro? I’m thinking of all the zigbee gear sold on eBay

No, just have a look into the app store and you will find out which Zigbee devices are actually supported by Homey.

is there a way around the app request?

Only for very simple (on/off) devices, otherwise you need a specific app.

so no one has created a common app? or the zigbee is designed so that this does not work

It’s not possible to create a common app for that in Homey, Zigbee’s device handling is implemented in Homey’s core, which is developed by Athom, and they have decided that needing separate apps is how it should work :frowning:

okok ty
Do you have any recommendations on a cheap and good smoke alarm

Depends of your definition for “cheap”.
Here is one and there is an app for it on Homey App Store.

:joy: always laugh to see how people valuate personal safety / protection…

My suggestion: save some on e.g. drinking beers and use those savings to buy a proper one


you understand what I mean.

yes I looked at something similar, I think they are called develco in norway


I reckon these are ok?


Hello there everyone,

#Quick question: howmany Zigbee devices can I directly add to homey…
since a month or so I have my homey pro and am adding more and more devices and before all my lights where acting like they should be but now sometimes they wont turn on or off when I try to do so.

Could it be i do have to many zigbee devices I read in a post from 2019 there was a max of 20 devices, Down here is a list of all my zigbee devices who are directly linked to the homey pro.

24 Ikea tradfri Lights
3 aqara Window/door sensor
5 aqara motion sensors
1 aqara push button
1 aqara relais (2 switching contacts)
1 aqara vibration sensor

That has been said, last year, many times already.
That 20 limit is directly connected to Homey, if a device is being routed through a mains powered device, then it does not add to that count.
When routed, in theorie the amount of devices is infinite.

I currently have 1 ikea led dimmer, 41 Philips hue lamps/bulbs and 2 dimmer switches connected to Homey (on Homey v5) without any issues, pre Homey v5 the routing isn’t done properly (or sometimes not at all), a delay between every device is usually mandatory.
After v5 it will become a lot more stable also with the routing, though v5 is still in experimental (with a few open bugs), no date for it to be released to stable.

As you don’t give such important information as in what Homey firmware you are, it is impossible to help you further

thanks for the good info !
So it might be better for me to connect all the lights to my philips hue bridge?

and i saw the v5 firmware but I rather wait for the stable like you mensiond

Version: v4.2.0
Homey pro (early 2019)