Zigbee like Ikea and Innr difficult to connect and sometimes even impossible

I have a lot of problems adding devices from Ikea. A lot of those work now, but still I have some lamps which I’m not able to connect. Then I deceided to switch to Innr, but I can’t even connect one. I got the advice to connect them via a Philips bridge, but I think that’s not what the Homey is for.
Btw, I managed to connect a Ikea GU10 direct to Amazon Alexa, which is not possible with Homey.

Which Homey Firmware?
How many Zigbee devices are already paired?
What kind and how many of these kinds of Zigbee devices are paired (Router, End-Devices)?

13 different Zigbee devices… Is there a maximum?

The answer can be read in the 2nd link @DirkG provided.

    1. Don’t build too big
      Using Zigbee routers you can create a stable Zigbee network of around 30-40 devices with Homey. It is possible to add more Zigbee devices and keep extending your network. However, we do not recommend creating these bigger Zigbee networks with Homey.*

Heb je de app van inrr al geüpdate. Draai nu de beta en geen problemen meer met toevoegen.voorheen met de originele app wel.

Because this is an English thread would you please write your post in English as well. Not all users in the community speak Dutch. Thank you very much.