Zigbee unreliable

Hi everyone,

I am using my homey for a couple of weeks now. Sadly I can’t get it to work properly. The problem is that switching my zigbee-Bulbs (IKEA and OSRAM) is very unreliable.
For some reason switching the bulbs via the devices tab in the homey app works okay. But if I try to switch them using a flow I get all sorts of error.
I can’t get a situtation that is reproducable. I have seen various errors now: “rsp error: 17”, “rsp error: 16” and “Could not reach device”. I can’t figure out when it throws which error and what bulb is the faulty one. It seems to be completely random. If I have a flow that switches 7 bulbs there are mostly around 2-3 bulbs that get an error, but it`s alwasy a different one. In almost no cases it switches all bulbs correctly without an error.

That way I can’t use homey properly and I am already thinking about returning it.

Does anybody of you have an idea what could cause those errors and why they happen randomly? Could it be a problem with zigbee? Maybe I could get a better result using a zigbee bridge like the one of Philips Hue or the IKEA one…

I am thankful for any help!

Thanks and greetings

I see irs your first post, so welcome

Back to you question, did you take a look at the search? Because there many topics about this

Take a look at what I wrote here. Although that post started with an issue with Hue lights, it’s not limited to that brand. Switching multiple devices from the same flow just doesn’t work very well.

Because the Hue bridge (and the IKEA gateway too, if I remember correctly) supports grouping, you may be able to get it working properly if you buy one of those, create groups of bulbs (which you cannot do from Homey, so you’ll need to use the official Hue of IKEA mobile apps for that), and just switch a single group from Homey’s flows (that being said: using the Hue bridge comes with its own drawbacks, like delays in status updates).

Okay thanks guys!

I ordered a Hue Bridge now to see if I can get a reliable soloution with this setup.