Zigbee RobbSmarrt

Hi all,
I have Recently added 2 pcs of RobbSmarrt Zigbee ON/OFF switches:
Also there aer 3 pcs of RobbSmarrt dimmers.
Now: Wheneven I have to powercycle my HP2023, these 2 ON/OFF modules fall off the grid. :slight_smile:
The other ones stay connected, no problems at all.

How is this possible? Should I add a powerplug or something nearby to create a better mesh?



Yes, that would at least be a possible problem that too few Zigbee repeaters are installed.

Hi fantross,
Since there are 3 modules next to each other, and only one (the on/off switch) keeps falling of the grid.
The other 2 also function as routers. How is this possible.
When I pair them again, the connection is okay… Yesterday I had some issues with my Homey where I decided to Restart. Again, the 2 modules are disconected
Strangely I can ping the modules without problems from the developers dashboard. There seems to bee a connection, where the app tells me te opposite
I am getting fed up with this. Is Athom fixing this (new) zigbee module? Where also some aqara contact sensors randomly stop working.

As of this moment I seriously start to doubt my homey pro 2023. Issues keep piling up…

What should I say? To be able to localize the error a little better, you should provide more information. That’s why my first answer was that short and that would a possible problem if too few routers are installed.

Connection problems can have many causes:

Please ask Athom.

But the problem is more the Aqara contact sensors. Aqara doesn’t use a standardized Zigbee protocol!

I can only recommend you to contact ROBBshop and Athom.

Hi again…
Meanwhile I have contacted athom about this. And really, I got an answer within 1 hour. Kudos to athomđź‘Ť
I seems to be a known issue, where after powercycles or auto-updates where hp reboots, the zigbee module is not done initialising, where hp completes its boot.
It seems devices pair up without being able to connect. This results in an error state that does not gets cleared.
Solution till this gets fixed by robbsmarrt…
Switch experiments on. Create a flow where after reboot the robbsmarrt app reboots aswel.

I hope this works. Credits to athom for their quick respons.

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That fix is already released with v2.8.0 of the ROBBsmarrt app.

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