Zigbee question

I have start to build up a new zigbee network on my new Homey Pro 2023, I have understand that I should add direct power devices first so they can act as routers. I was adding my two IKEA signal repeaters first and thy was taking the first spots in the list, after adding some child devices my routers falls down in the list to spot 4 and 5. Is that normal? Should not the routers stay on top on the list?

And a second question, is it not possible to se the route of a device on the new 2023 Homey? Because I don’t have it :disappointed:

It doesn´t matter which number or spot they have on the list

It is not yet possible, it will be one day. But it makes not much sense to view the routes, while they show the last known routes, at least on Pro 201x models that is. Sometimes / often the used hops don’t make sense to a human being, it is not always / mostly not the shortest route :hugs:

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Are you sure? When I was trying to find some information yesterday, almost all picture I see people have posted shows that the routers stay on top. Hmm I am new to zigbee or at least I am new to trying to learn this stuff :slight_smile:

Ahh just wanna see the rout for fun, it is interesting to learn about how this zigebb stuff works :slight_smile:

Yes as long as you pair router devices first, it should go right.
Of course you can add routers after you paired some end-devices, but the idea is to pair as much as router devices directly with Homey, and then build the mesh with router and end-devices.

Maybe the Pro 201x models put the most recent devices below the list, and the Pro 2023 puts them on top of the list?
Remember, it is just an overview.


I have no idé if it puts devices in different orders depending on which Homey you are using.

Anyway thanks for your input Peter :grinning:

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