Zigbee plugs/lights remote?


So i have 433/ Dio / chacon power plugs with lights plugged into it,
they are running with a physical remote, and also with homey of course

I am replacing them with zigbee plugs(mainly to benefit of status feedback)

  1. i didnt not find a cheap zigbee remote capable to handle at least 3 plugs, any suggestion?
  2. is it true that a zigbee plug can not be paired to a remote and to the homey in the same time? (thats is often said about the trust ZYCT-202 zigbee remote)


Also trying to add that remote to the homey. No luck

Same thing here.
ZYTC -202 remote is found in the homey store but can’t connect to homey controller

I have replaced my Kaku remotes with these:
In The Netherlands available starting at 27-28 euro.
bit pricier that the Kaku ones, bit don’t think you will find similar ones (working with Homey) any cheaper…

U can use a kaku remote via Homey (in my case ayct-102)
So connect your zigbee plugs AND kaku remote to Homey.
I can use any button for any action I want.