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KaKu zigbee light & ZYCT-202

Trying to connect the ZLED-2709R to the Homey and the remote ZYCT. Is it thru, you cannot have both ‘controllers’ to be connected to the light.
The light is perfectly connecting the Homey & remote seperately, but not together.
Thru or is something wrong?

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On both Zigbee and Z-wave, a device can only be managed by one Controller:

It is not officially supported to have multiple controllers on the network level (in theory you could make one physical controller also act as a client for the other physical controller, and if both networks are aware then you could in theory combine them with some strange workarounds, but I have never heard of a working example).
In practice it shouldn’t be needed for a Zigbee network. It can handle A LOT of different nodes (about 15 million in theory, but large Zigbee networks (1000’s of nodes) tend to get in technical trouble). I’m not sure how many the Homey implementation officially supports though.

Thanks for the clear answer. Now, I do not have test further more. Hopefully within the near future the new zigbee remote from kaku wil be connectable to ‘Homey’. These remotes are better then the old ones.