Telldus Z-net Lite V2/ Migrationg to Homey Bridge/Pro

Have 2 Telldus Z-Net lite V2 on 2 different locations with door sensors (Z-wave) and 433 mhz, connected to Telldus live so I can see the devices on both sites!
My Question is, if I by a Homey bridge and put it on location 1 to try it out, is it simple to move that later to Location 2 for thoose devices there and buy a pro version for site 1
What kind of difficultes can ther be?
Regards Urban Jonsson

I’m not sure what you mean. But you can only pair a zwave device to one controller at a time.
When you move or switch the controllers, you’ll have to pair the devices again.

For Homey Pro there’s a neat script you can use to swap the “old” device with the “new” device, so you don’t have to fix all related flows:

Didn’t fail on me once.

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