Integrate in a tellstick z-wave net

I try to integrate Homey in my TellStick ZNet Lite V2 z-wave network.
Get request-time out.

I think it is a basic question. I use Homey app in settings z-wave.
I want Telldus live to be the boss. At least until someone tells me its better in another way.

Ok, why is it a choice to have homey to take part in another Z-wave net then?
I would like to have deeper technical information.
Who knows EVERYTHING of Homey?

Good luck on that one!

Guess that was also answered here

I have Tellstick with 433 and z-wave. But sometimes too long distanse between many z-wave units.
I thought that Homey could work as a repeater.
I can let Home use units from Tellstick and make flows, but use Telldus live as before. Telldus works really good in automating lights and so on.
I also have Google nest which make me able to switch light with talk.
I hope Homey can make contakt with all other which not can be controlled by Tellstick.

Found the solution:
Put Tellstick in searching for unit - then join other network in Homey app.

  • I got a Homey-unit in Telldus live.

Why isn’t that described in the app or atleast in instrucktion on the forum.

  • Now it is.

-But it’s not identified of Tellstick. It seems to not be a repeater in my z-wave net. Bad…