Is it possible to import Zwave devices from Telldus ZNET lite v2 to Homey

I have some Zwave devices (Smoke/fire alarm) att my Telldus ZNET lite v2. I have imported all my other 433mhz devices with the Tellsdus Live app and that has been working fin. But how do I get my Zwave devices to my homey? Or do I have to install them separately to my Homey? If so is it possible to have a zwave devices connected to both Telldus and Homey at the same time?

I don’t know Telldus, but in the app store there is a Telldus Live app available.
Description of this app:

Connect devices and sensors from Tellus Live
With this app you can add sensors, dimmers and switches from “Telldus Live”.
For “Telldus ZNET lite v2” - gateways, a direct, local connection is also supported.
For more information, click the ‘Visit forum’ - link on this page.

No, it’s not possible.