Add a Secondary Z-Wave Controller- Homey as Primary


does anyone know if it is possible to add another brand z-wave controller to the Homey network? Homey still stay as primary controller.

And if so, if you can add device to the secondary controller and Homey will recognise them? Even if it is just basic commands.

The first should be possible as I once added my second Homey as a secondary controller to the network of the first Homey.

The second question,
Homey will see them in the network (not sure you can add them from the second controller) but doesn’t recognize them as Homey devices as they are not paired the Homey way.

As it is imho only possible to send basic commands from the z-wave developer settings it is / was imho pretty useless.

Thanks Dijker,
I am wondering how to do this though? Homey does not have a method of setting it into a basic zwave learn mode like other Controllers. You need to specifically choose a brand and product first.
Where is the generic Z-wave learn button? I have “Remove a zwave device” and “Include Homey in another network” which seems pointless.

Add a device, Homey, Z-Wave…
Between Zigbee, Infrared and VirtualButton :slight_smile:

:persevere:I feel such the fool. After all this time I’ve never looked under the add device “homey” option. I never knew Homey had their own virtual devices either. :unamused: