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Include Homey in another Network

I’ve been wondering for a long time, what exactly happens with this button?

Do I understand correctly that homey can be combined with another smart home?!

There is a default Z-Wave specification that makes it possible to add a Controller (Like Homey) to a network managed by another controller.

That button is a implementation of that button but isn’t further supported as solution:

and other discussions on Github or the old forum.

You have to Add Devices to Homey using Apps to have full functionality.
Adding to one controller doen’t tell Homey as secondary controller What type of device it is.
it is just of no use…

Just tested:

  • I could add Homey2 with that button to the network of Homey1 (Add generic Z-Wave device)
  • the developer tools of 1 I can see Homey2 as a unknow Z-Wave Device
  • on the dev tools of 2 I see many Unknown nodes I can control some socket’s on/off but not from Homey as there are no devices.
  • not every socket (brand) reponds on on/off in Developer tools.

Maybe in the future it gets some function but don’t count on it.