Generic Homey Zwave

I am quite new to Homey and I am currently trying to setup my home network, migrating my devices from Smartthings to Homey.

In case the device already exists in “Homey database”, as there is an app for the brand/model of the device, it is quite easy to include it.

Nevertheless whenever it doesn’t exist, it seems to me that it is very difficult (without developping an app) to include new devices even if basic ones.

Considering that zwave standard works well and it is strictly followed (something that doesn’t always happen with zigbee), I wonder whether it is possible to add a basic device other than an actuator (eg lights on/off) which is the default basic one that Homey creates.

In summary, is there a way to create a “basic” zwave device in Homey that acts as a sensor (eg. open/close door)?

A zwave device wich isnt regonized by homey, will be add as general zwave device into homey. And wil have probbely only on/off