2nd homey

I have a second Homey that, at the moment, isn’t in use.
I was wondering if I could connect to my primary Homey and use it as a extender for some z-wave plugs that seems to be a bit out of range.
But when I try to connect my second Homey to the primary I get an error.
Is it not possible to make such a setup?
Is it possible to connect them to each other in another way?

At this moment it is not possible in any way to connect Homey to another network or controller.
So both Homeys will have their own (separate) Z-wave network and won’t be able to communicate with each other’s network nor extend each other’s mesh.

To extend your Z-wave mesh it is more easy to put a powered Z-wave device (power plug, powered switch etc) or a real Z-wave repeater at (a) strategic point(s)

Wouldn’t it be possible (as a workaround) to add mqtt broker on the secondary and mqtt hub app on the primary? Or would this be a wierd thought?

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But under the z.wave setting, under settings, there is a feature called ‘Include Homey in another network’. Why wouldn’t that work?

But I’m aware that I may need an extra z-wave router.

I’m not that into the whole mqtt, so how would this help me extend the z-wave network?

Well mqtt is nothing more then a messaging protocol. So there is a broker (which can receive and broadcast messages) and you have clients (who can pull and push messages). And since z-wave (and many other data for that matter) has nothing more to offer then messages you can just make one of the homeys broadcast data in messages and the other one recurving them. And the other way around off course.

Yes there is (and always has been), but it doesn’t have any use at the moment.