Z-Wave extender?


I am new and I bought the Homey Pro. I would like to use the Z-Wave possibility with Homey.

I live in a attika flat and the network is also connected to my garage and to my cellar. Of course the Z-Wave signal from Homey cannot reach the UG. How can I handle it, if I want to use the Z-Wave devices with Homey in the UG ?

Thank you so much for your support.

Z-Wave is based on a mesh network topology. This means each (non-battery) device installed in the network becomes a signal repeater. As a result, the more devices you have in your home, the stronger the network becomes.

I have no clue what an attika flat is, but judging that the range is too big only another controller (Homey) in your garage is the only option I guess, as z-wave’s range just isn’t big especially with a thick wall in between

Thank you for your answer. An Attika flat is a flat in a house on top. Sorry for my bad english. :slight_smile:

Can a second Homey also be managed in the same App ?

What are you doing is the distance to far away and no power plug is available ?
This is the solution within a big flat.

If you can’t cover the distance by using repeater, you will need a second Gateway. And link the Gateways through e.g. MQTT.
Unfortunately, you can’t link two Homey‘s directly together.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes exactly this is the question. Can somebody recommend a Z-Wave Gateway which is running stable together with Homey ?

OK I will read about the MQTT. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can switch between both your Homey’s in the Homey mobile app, but like oskorn already mentioned, they aren’t able to talk to each other natively, you’ll have to work with either the already build in webhooks, or mqtt.

If this is your local internet network, you can use a network repeater and devices that communicate via network, f.i. Shelly?

Cool, yes Sehlly can be the solution. It seems that Shelly is very well integrated in Homey. :+1:

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