Zigbee or not Zigbee

Hello everyone!

I had the opportunity to acquire a zigbee GU10 bulb with the reference EB-GU10-MR16-CCT, which works natively with the “ENKI” application outside of Homey. So, I was not cautious because as a novice in home automation, I thought that zigbee to zigbee would easily connect…except that I was disappointed because nothing connects to Homey Pro.

Either I am lacking in method, or I am missing a step…the bulb seems to be briefly detected but the association fails.

Do you have a solution or at least a suggestion for me to follow?

Thank you in advance!

ampoule zigbee

Did you try pairing with the Homey Zigbee? From new device select Homey as the brand

and then start pairing with a Zigbee device.

It is quite possible that basic functionality such as on/off will work fine without a brand specific app.

Thank you for your answer, yes I tried to connect this type of bulb directly by the homey apk… as much the bulb seems to be detected by homey, but the synchronization fails directly.


What does that mean exactly?