Zigbee Extender/Repeater question

So I have 2 Zigbee water sensors. They are unfortunately to far away from any devices, so I can connect them to Homey.
I got a USB zigbee repeater stick, but that need to connect to a zigbee gateway.

So my question is.
What’s the best solution here?
Buy a zigbee gateway?
Zigbee Extender like this one; Range Extender Zi - Aeotec

But what works with homey and what’s the best option to get it working?

That’s Homey.

So i might be wrong or told it wrong.
If i put a Zigbee extender, near the two zigbees, the Zigbee extender needs to connect to a Zigbee gateway.
The USB i have, is a Zigbee repeater. I says i can add it in SmartLife app, but in the SmartLife app, it says i need a Gateway.
I tried with the Tyva app and it can not find the Repeater.
Do you have any recommendations ?

buy a supported zigbee repeater like the ikea one. or use more mains powered devices like light bulbs or plugs, most of the time they also function as a repeater,

There are really only three types of Zigbee devices:

  • the controller (also named “gateway” or “hub”): the main network controller for your Zigbee network. A Zigbee network can only have one of these.
  • routers (also named “repeaters” or “extenders”): devices that are (also) able to relay messages from other Zigbee routers or end-devices back to the controller (most permanently powered Zigbee devices, like lights or sockets, act as router)
  • end devices: usually battery-powered Zigbee devices like sensors, they connect to either a router or the controller directly.

So a “Zigbee extender” and a “Zigbee repeater” are the same thing. The “Zigbee gateway” they need to connect to is Homey (being the Zigbee controller).

If a device is just a router/repeater, you can add it to the network as a generic Homey Zigbee device (in other words, you don’t need an app for it).


Thank you for the explanation.
And sorry for the late response.

So I put up the ikea extender. And put it into homey.
It was about a week ago. I still can’t reach the 2 signee devices. How can I see if they connect to the ikea or make them connect to it?
Is there any tricks? Like resetting them or power them on and off?

… and just to clarify these devices don’t need to connect directly to your hub, they can happily sit and do their job between other devices on your network. Eventually of course their goal is to get a good quality signal path back towards the hub.

Sensors from some brands, notably Aqara, need to be re-paired before they will start using other routers.

You can re-pair a device by adding it to Homey again without first deleting it. Also make sure to pair the device at the location where you intend to use them (not next to Homey and then move them).

Hi Robert

So I delete them from Homey, and then add them again, correct?
No need to reset it by holding the button and so on?

I hope that honey can connect to them.
Otherwise I might need some more advice.

No. I wrote “without first deleting”, so you don’t delete it from Homey. You start like you would start adding a new device, put the device in pairing mode (see below), and you might get a warning that the device is already paired. That’s okay.

That’s still necessary.

Sorry for my misunderstanding.
And thank you for the help.

Hi Robert,
that’s an interesting info for me! Thanks for sharing.
Do you also know the name of the other brands? And do you know if repairing a device would have the same effect?

Possibly some TuYa devices.


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