Extending Zigbee network via WLAN?

Hi everybody,

I am not sure if this is the right board, but maybe someone can answer my question.

I have a Homey running which is steering a lot of devices via Zigbee in the house. Works fine.

Now I wanted to install Zigbee devices in my garden … problem: distance is too large. I tried to extend the network by installing a couple of devices in between… but the walls of our home are so massive that I do not get connection even if I place 1 (working) zigbee device inside and directly outside on the wall the other one … I don’t get connection.

WiFi somehow works outside … so is I possible to install somewhere outside a zigbee router (eg Philips hue)? In the end I get two separate Zigbee networks …
Is it possible to steer both of them via Homey? Or is someone dealing with a similar problem and has some ideas on that topic?

Kind regards


you can have the philips hue bridge (with his own Zigbee network) connected to homey with the Hue bridge app.

And the rest in your home connected directly to homey with his own Zigbee network

so yes

Hi, thank you for your answer.
Is the hue bridge app able to handle multiple hue routers?

Yes !
At the moment I have 3 bridges registered in Homey.

Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile: