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Hi all,

I just started using homey in a wide/huge area, more than 2000 square meters, several buidlings.
The whole area is already WIFI connected.
Some of the sensors are using zigbee and I’d like using my existing wifi instead of a new “all-over” zigbee umbrella
Is there a gateway available, that builds up local zigbee areas and transports via wifi=>LAN to my local homey pro?
The homey bridge is a cloud service and abo-focused.
I want to use my local setup without a payment model!

thx in advance

Hue Brige, deCONZ, …

For both there is a Homey App available.
For DeCONZ, I’m not sure if it’s possible to connect more then one deCONZ instance.
But for Hue Bridge it works.

Looking what internet tells me about Hue Bridge…
Hue Bridge is said to work with Phillips light system.
I am using non-Philips Devices.
Does it work as well?
If yes, what is needed to run those devices?

What kind of devices?

The Hue Bridge is mainly designed to control lights / plugs. A lot of ZigBee lights are compatible with the Hue Bridge but only a few of sensors are.
If you need a high device compatibility, you have to think about deCONZ.
What kind of ZigBee Gateway you are using now?

In case Hue Bridge is sufficient for you, you will need for each of of you ZigBee Area a Hue Bridge. As far I know, the Hue Bridge provide only LAN, so WiFi is not possible. Then you can connect the Hue Bridges to Homey via the Homey Hue Bridge App.

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I am using Homey pro

My first device is a Eurotronic VOC/CO2/temperature/humidity sensor and more of those will follow.
In the future I want to add more devices (sensors/actors) and I want to prevent any vendor lock-in.

LAN ist sufficent and overall available

But it’s Z-Wave not ZigBee, isn’t it?!
Do we talk about ZigBee or Z-Wave or both?

Hue Bridge Compatible devices, you can find here.
If all of them are Homey (Homey Hue Bridge App) compatible, that’s an another question, I can’t answer you.

Already with Homey you are limited (more or less for every vendor you need a Homey App) And with the Hue Bridge you are much more limited.

You will never find a ZigBee Gateway which supports all available ZigBee devices.

Btw. You want to cover an area of 2000m2, with x building/ ZigBee Areas. Maybe you need something more professional like a Homey?!

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In installed the Eurotronic yesterday and it had mentioned “Zigbee” only in its manual.
I am pretty sure - even if I dont have the manual available at the moment.

First: Right now I want to check VOCs on two places only and use an actor sensorwise.
Not a big thing and the homey pro should cover my scope.

Once there might come the point for more, you are right!

The air quality sensor from Eurotronic is definitely only in a Z-Wave version, not ZigBee.
The only ZigBee devices they currently have is a Spirit Thermostatic. (which does have a Z-Wave version)

Caseda, Osorkon:
Sounds convincing. :frowning:
I will check later but I guess I was wrong.
I deeply regret any mistake from my side!

Asking both of you: Is there a wifi or LAN gateway for Z-wave?

Another Homey Pro or Homey Bridge and make them talk to each other over https or mqtt may be the easiest solution for your particular use case.

Thx - DaneedeKruyff
I have found the brain z-wave bridge.
example: nvb homee z-wave cube grün – Nordhorner Versorgungsbetriebe
does this product work for me?
Does it connect via wifi to my homee pro and forward the z-wave protocol?