Z-Wave problems on Homey Bridge

On my Homey Bridge I get the message “Z-Wave Update Required” when I try to change the temperature on my Heatit Z-TRM3 thermostats. Everything seemed OK for 2 weeks before this happened. I have also connected several Aqara Zigbee temp sensors which work fine. Is there a logical explanation for the problem?
Greetings, Gunnar Flatøy

It’s a known issue. So please take a look at the Homey Beta Status webpage and contact the Athom support:

Known issue as fantross says. I get it several times a week. Restart (by unplugging) the Bridge is the only solution I know that works every time.

Only several times a week. My fu… bridge needs a reboot almost every hour. That “bug” exists since I can remember and I had to complain a lot and often til they added it to the “tracker”.