Z-Wave Plus Aeotec MultiSensor 6


I bought this sensors and I’ve noticed that the UV and luminous value don’t change…

What an I doing wrong? How do I use that ?

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Had that too in the past, in my case something went wrong while pairing the device. After I removed it and added it again the problem was solved.

I did pair and unpaired multiple times and same results…

Did you remove it by just unpairing it with a reset from the device? Or proper unpair via the Homey menu’s and got a conformation?
And did you perform an extra factory reset of the device between the unpairing and pairing?

Did you do this very close to Homey? < 10 cm.

Hi ,

I will try to do this multiple times and let’s see ,

Yes, I was very close to the homey hub .

I did unpaired via the homey hub and also reset the sensor itself…

Did you also try to include the Sensor unsecure?

Please explain…

I think it’s a problem with homey v5

During pairing you get the option to pair secure or unsecure. I had to pair and remove the device like four or five times before all sensors would behave normally. I choose the unsecure method because of all obvious reasons.

I didn’t see any option to pair unsecured…


Your completely right… 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

It’s working but still the luminance get updated once and when I cover it or put more light it’s not getting updated…

Have you checked the advanced parameters about reporting intervals?