Z-wave on Fibaro non-responsive/extremely slow after Homey Pro 11.0.0 update

Following tonight’s 11.0.0 firmware update for the Homey Pro, all my devices are experiencing frequent time-outs when I try to controll them from the mobile app, and devices that are linked through a flow
(ie: when one switch is pushed, also turn on another device) won’t work anymore.
Also, when attempting to add a new device, the start screen states “Please wait until Z-Wave is ready”. Sometimes this message dissapears after a long period, but not always. When it dissapears, I am able to pass step one of the setup process, but it will not allow me to complete the 2nd step and register the new device.

Any thoughts on things I can do to fix this? or on how to determine if this is an issue with my setup or with the Homey firmware update?

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According to the changelog info about the firmware v11.0.0 (Link), no changes according Z-Wave was made.
Maybe Homey had a hiccup during the firmware update.
Please do a PTP. Afterwards, please wait 15-30 minutes before you start testing the devices.

According to your information, you only have Z-Wave devices from Fibaro. Or do you also have Z-Wave devices from other manufacturers and only the Fibaro devices have the problem?

Have you tried to restart Homey again? I can see that randomly also my Z-wave works more/less reliable randomly after restart

After about 30-60 minutes the z-wave network seemed to restore itself and it was working as expected again. I also moved the hub closer to where I was working, so a reboot was included. That you for your help.

hi, i’ll add in my comments here as i found almost the same issue, but with Aeotec devices, not Fibaro - so this issue appears to really only be some kind of z-wave problem.
Same as tsan, i got “please wait until z-wave is ready…” message when trying to add a new device, post-v11 FW update last night. The message stayed on-screen on my mobile homey app for about 10mins, then finally came to the next step of the device add, but ultimately failed. I also pulled the power from the homey pro and redid the entire process - same 10min or so wait with “please wait until z-wave…” on screen.
At that point I’d have probably given up and restored back to the backup i made of the previous FW - and no, sorry, i don’t recall what that was now. i realise that others have posted that v11 has not changed the z-wave related code, but there is either a missed issue / non-reported fix/change or it was related to an earlier FW update which i missed and have now had included with v11.
Like the OP i continued to try again and i think the same thing occurred, after a good 40-50 minutes it then worked fine, the “please wait until zwave” message which is always shown - usually very briefly - now only flashes up as it usually does before the message to “press action button…” etc is displayed and all seems fine.
hope this helps someone in a similar position…reboot once perhaps, else wait for an hour and try again. Cheers, Gray.

In fact, it is quite possible that Athom may make changes to the firmware but not list them in the changelog. However, only Athom can answer that.
If you experience similar problems in the future, please report them to Athom by using the support link.