My Zwave network is completely dead - extremely slow after Fibaro app update

Dear all, need your urgent help.
I am on homey pro. updated this morning to version 10.0.6.
Up until this morning before the Fibaro app updated, my zwave network and all my fibaro devices were working seamlessly.
Please note that my zwave network is only made of Fibaro Walli switches and Fibaro walli roller shutters and the entire the zwave network is made of Fibaro devices.
Immediately after the Fibaro app update my Fibaro devices stopped responding to Homey.
If i check the developer tools all the nodes of my zwave network are reachable when i try to test them. However, if i give a command for a Zwave device via homey i always receive the message about the timeout 30000ms…
I have already restarted homey, I have run a PTP for 30 seconds and restarted the Fibaro app several times.

Other non fibaro devices and non zwave (such as philips Hue, Sonos, etc) are working seamlessly.

Anyone experiencing the same or would have any idea on how to fix this?



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