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Z-Wave.me App installation problem

I got 2 new Z-Wave.me Switches so I tried to install the app but I get an error message.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

The problem is that the app doesn’t pass the more strict app store validation that was introduced for firmware v2.

You have to contact the developer about this (although I’m not sure of @priknr1 is still actively developing for Homey?).

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Kinda funny yesterday I got attacked on FB for saying that the 50,000+ devices homey claims to support is bogus because it is all just based on devs using their free time to providing support… I guess this is a good example. Can’t fault the dev for not wanting to continue investing his time but I guess athom needs to be careful to not end up with 100s of different of app that don’t properly work…

What’s bothering me is that there might be more apps on the app store that, when published, passed validation, but don’t pass it anymore. It’s a bad user experience when users want to install an app from the app store and get presented both a “Try Again” (that will fail) and a incomprehensible error message.


The appstore should be cleaned. All applications that are not sdkv2 will be removed or stashed somewhere. The developers should get a notification about this.

What kind of validation changed?

I am really bummed right now because the switches are here and the WAF ( woman acceptance factor ) will now be taking a massive hit because the bathroom lights won’t turn on properly :joy:

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The validation of app.json, mostly.

When writing an app, you can run the validation process to make sure that it validates for publishing. And when you submit it for publication, it will also be validated by Athom’s servers.

So the Z-Wave.me app passed all validation when it was published on the app store, and then Athom changed the validation rules so that now, the app doesn’t validate anymore (even though it’s already published on the app store).

Athom should run the validation process against every app currently in the app store, and mark the ones that don’t pass validation.


To be honest, I’m keeping the community developed apps to a bare minimum (currently Remotec and Doorbird) and trying to utilize as much as I can Athom developed apps which means purchasing mostly devices officially supported by Athom with their own app. I’m afraid that just like it happen to you I will end up with expensive device not supported anymore by the community.

I really appreciate the community and the effort of the developers to keep some app running but life gets changed, free time also. The best Athom can do right now is to remove unattended apps that do not pass validation at this stage. Keeping it like this can really be misleading and frustrating for the users.

Brings install by CLI the solution?

Perhaps, if you know how to fix the validation issue :slight_smile: But it might only be one of the problems that the app has in v2.

Was allready installed on my Homey in 1.5. Works fine in 2.0

So I guess I better not try the CLI method until there is someone smart that knows how to fix the validation issue.

There is no danger in using the cli methode i guess

I guess I will try today and see what happens because the woman acceptance factor is going to 0 right now :frowning:



Well I used the CLI method. I get to the validation part and thats where it ends

See that you’ve got some help in an other topic.

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I send a pull request on github. After that changes it can be installed without errors.


Great @mapulu :heart:
For people with immediate problems, you can download the zip from:

and install it through the CLI:

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Omg you guys are the best :sunglasses:

@mapulu Check your PM!