I have recurring trouble with more or less ALL of my Z-wave devices, I remove them, then add them, and after a while they stop working properly with Athom Homey. There seem that there are some nodes just appearing from magic activity in my neighborhood… I live pretty close to Hogwarts, and I can see the scary towers from Lord of the Rings in the horizon.

The problem, Nodes in the map : 44, 64, 112, 128, 176, 224, 240 does NOT exist… They have never existed, So the cure as far as this has been to remove things that are routed thru these imaginary nodes, then I have to add the things again, do a lot of work to make my flows work again… And I REALLY HATE Z-wave for this. What seem to be the problem? And as far as I know it’s the Homey that keeps track of the routing??? Why can’t the routes be rebuildt?? And why can’t the imaginary nodes be removed in one way or another…
All my Z-wave devices currently connected are in the list in the image… And as the log says, some of the nodes are categorized as NoAckNodes, of course they are, THEY DO NOT EXIST!!!
I have tried Heal, I have tried Remove, only thing working is to remove the nodes/devices that actually exists… To get rid of the non existent ones… Weird shit!!

I’m not able to help you or give an own explanation for that behavior, but yesterday this problem was also discussed on Slack:

(@Dijker, hope it’s allowed to post this screenshot!?)

What comes into my mind: Is it a brand new Homey? Or was it bought used? If it was bought used, then the Z-Wave network may not have been reset properly. And the “ghost” nodes are from the seller. But that is only an attempt to explain why these ghost nodes exist, without any specialist knowledge.

So my only suggestion is to contact Athom.


The Homey was brand new, and I’m sure that the “false” nodes appeared over some time, as they were not present last time I cleared out all of my Z-wave devices, and added them again… Sort of a shitty job, some of the devices are “pills” behind switches… and when all have to be removed first, and then added in a logical matter it takes some time… Not to mentioning the rebuild of flows… I will contact Athom…


For the next time, and for other readers,
there’s a great script for that:

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