Help with Z-Wave network map

Hi All,

Does anyone know why the z-wave network map page (on the developer tools) would show a device that is connected via two other devices that don’t exist.

Node ID 79 is connected via 1-2-80-17-79

Node ID 2 and 80 do not exist in the map !!

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Not a Z-wave master :wink:
but could it be that Node 79 has been added via devices that afterwards have been removed/re-added?

As the last known route is “Unknown” Homey just doesn’t know properly which route the last one was, things like this then might happen.

I’d like to call it a glitch in the matrix.
And that device probably also doesn’t work properly.

Strangely, that last device (79) was working fine, as its a door sensor attached to a flow to turn lights on and off, which gets used many times a day/night.

I did a full restart of the Homey, and its seemed to have fixed it all up.

Well spoke too soon, its come back again

Nodes 2 & 80 do not exist, no new devices have been added or removed !!

The device ‘Front Door’ is actually working fine though

Well, if it’s working, wai worry??

Why worry? Because of the insatiable human need to know “why” it is so :slight_smile: