Yoolax zigbee AND RF434MHz controllable blinds

Just bought Yoolax blinds, and would like to connect them to Homey. The zigbee is currently ony supported vie Amazon Echo/Alexa. I tried connecting them as Xiaomi devices, but unsurprisingly they registered only as generic zigbee devices. What would it take for me/someone else to develop the driver/application to connect the blinds to Homey?

Alternatively, if there were an application that knew how to talk RF434MHz to these, that could be a start. But I guess the question is the same: How do create such an app if one does not exist? Or how do I (easily) check whether the blinds have the same RF434 control sequencies as some other, pre-existing device?

I have a DSS receiver/spectrum analyzer, which probably could be used to sniff the RF434 signals, but that sounds like a lot of work… Anyone done something similar?