AM43 blinds drive

I need need some help with installing/pairing AM43 blinds drive with Homey.
Hope somebody can give some advise.
Many thanks in advance

Maybe you can tell what you already have tried / found out?

Thanks for your reply. I have added the Tuya Zigbee app to Homey. In the Tuya app I could only find 1 curtain module and pairing the AM43 blinds drive did not worked

And why exactly did you think this AM43 is compatible with the Tuya app?

But did you actually have a look at the supported devices in the app?

The AM43 won’t pair with homey and this module icon also looks different

A ‘blind drive’ and a ‘curtain module’ are indeed two different beasts.
Do you have a Homey Pro or a bridge?

Homey pro

Maybe we have to ask the guy from the Tuya app. He could probably add it.