Yamaha receiver

Its up to you. I don’t know how much work it is for you.
i would try the first one and if its nor usable, change the second.

I have a R-N303D receiver. Now that the app was updated, I added it as a multicast. The app found it and it was added. However, after it was added, the device has a red exclamation mark and after clicking on it, the Homey app says the device is temporary unavailable. Switching it off/on manually does nothing for the status either. It seems that after adding it, it is no longer found on the network.


The app sets a device as “Unavailable” if it can’t get a valid status response from the MusicCast api after the device had been initialized. But it’s a strange situation because to add a device it also needs a valid status response…

Please test the latest version (currently 1.1.1) at https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/martens.yamaha/Yamaha/test/

If the issue persists in that version can you provide me a diagnostics report id.

To create an app specific diagnostic report id:

  1. In the Homey app, go to More (…), then tap Apps > Yamaha and then the settings icon in the top right corner
  2. Tap the Create Diagnostics Report button.
  3. You will receive an app specific diagnostic report id.


The app got updated automatically yesterday evening. My Yamaha receiver seems OK now. Looks like all functions are working.

MusicCast multi zone support

Multi zone support was just added in the latest test release. All feedback is welcome.

FYI @Jens

Hello Lucas.

Thank you for the quick implementation.
Unfortunately I can’t use it like this yet …

I can only install the main unit so I can’t use a zone.

I have a flow where Zone 2 is switched on or off with the Fibaro Keypad.
Unfortunately, this is currently not possible because I can only select the main device as the device and not the zone.
Be it as a condition or as a target device.

Greetings, Jens

@Jens you should be able to. Here’s an example:

I don’t get anything to select a zone.

Update to the latest test release. You need to have 1.2.0 installed.

Just follow the link in my previous message.

Yes i have already

MusicCast devices should add the capability automatically but you could also try Re-adding the device.

I already thought so and had just reinstalled the device.
Unfortunately, that didn’t change anything.

Weird! Alright, I’ll have a look somewhere this week.


Something new?

Maybe you could give me Version 1.0 and everything is fine for me.

working great here !!!

Hey @lucasvdh,

Despite what you said earlier, I still don’t see the VolumeUp and VolumeDown cards in de Yamaha receiver app. Watskeburt?

I would like to use these cards to be able to set the volume up or down with X dB or X%. Hope you can bring them back.

The rewrite you did surely gives a lot more options. :slight_smile:
I’m running into an issue with the input selection though.

EDIT, Scratch this: The “Input was changed” card doesn’t do anything. I think this is because it points to the “selected input” tag while the tag actually containing the input is called “selected source”. So the “selected input” just stays blank. Can you fix this?

I thought it wasn’t working but instead it seems the program was set to the previous input instead of the actual input. Adding a delay card solved it.

Dag @lucasvdh
Heb je al kunnen kijken naar een oplossing van het probleem met de zones?
Ik heb net hetzelfde probleem als @jens .
Alvast bedankt
Groetjes Bert