[BOUNTY] - €40 - Convert existing Pioneer app to Homey 2.0

Hi all,

Pre Homey 2.0 I used to have a lot of fun/use with the Pioneer app, unfortunately the app hasn’t been upgraded to be used with Homey 2.0 and the developer isn’t responding to requests so I am starting a bounty, starting with €40,- for a developer who can convert the existing app to the 2.0 model.

Github old version: https://github.com/kerkenit/nl.marcovantklooster.pioneer

It uses telnet to send commands to the receiver. I can reproduce this on my computer.
If anyone else want to chip in. let me know so I can increase the bounty.

Hope someone can help me out with this one.



Hi Dennis,

Great news, I have looked into this issue. Conclusion, I could make the current app working again for version 2.0 and 3.0. However, I think the current app is not really in sync with the new homey code style. Also, I found that the app was a bit instable.

So, I am making the app from scratch based on SSDP Discovery and telnet. SSDP searches the local network for pioneer devices and during pairing automatically retrieves the IP and port settings. Also static IP is not required anymore because SSDP will find the device even if the IP was changed.

This week I am launching the beta version for further testing. For now this is without source selection possibility. That will be added in a future release.

Kind regards,



That would be awesome!!! Can’t wait for it to test it out. Also the change source feature is highly on my list since we use it to change between radio/tv/computer/Nintendo switch

Keep me updated!

All right! I Will look into the source switching as soon as possible.

In the mean while, could you share a screenshot of the results of the following url: https://your_device_ip:8080/description.xml

Then I can make sure your device is compatible as well.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for…

On HTTPS I get a page not found.


So here is the problem, your device is a VSX-528. Apparently this page differs from my VSX-921. I have to look whether the current design can be adapted to support SSDP for your device. Otherwise, I have to make another driver that scans the network using the MAC adress or a driver where you can mannually insert the IP and Port settings. Because normaly I could read that from that page.

Also I read on the internet that some commands like VL (volume level) does not work for the VSX-528. Could you try this out? Commando would be something like 061VL to set the volume to -50.0dB. If this does not work I should be able to accomplish it by repeatedly send VU or VD. But it makes things more complex.

I Will look into this tonight.

I tried the volume level command, that did not work. These telnet commands work fine:

What I usually did was, set a logic variable volumeReceiver on 40 (that is our normal sound level) and made sure the receiver was set on volume 40. And I would just increase/decrease volume with Homey and made sure the volumeReceiver variable changed aswell.

In the current app I just have to fill in the ip address (made it static in the settings of the receiver) and port number.

Oke I Will keep that in mind. I prefer automatically detection of the device because the Homey monitors whether the device is available automatically instead of me polling the device once in a while.

Is it possible that you used Chrome for the http://IP:8080/description.xml?
Because i get the same error with my device using Chrome but the correct information when using Firefox or IE. Can you try that for me?


On Firefox I get this back… I couldn’t paste in the code, the site reformats it to just plain text… so I just screenshotted it.
Is this what you are looking for?

Yes! That’s it. Looks like it is compatible after all. I changed the volume slider functionality to use a sequence of VD or VU it works on my device. So should work on yours to.

I am finalizing some last things in order to publish the app in the store.

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Awesome, how is it going?

Just admitted the app for verification by athom. Will have to wait up to two weeks for approval.


@dENNtoet Could you please enter the following in a IE or Firefox explorer and parse it here?

I tried, did not work. Page couldnt be found in IE, Edge and Firefox.

That’s a pity. Thanks though:)

Does that affect the working of the app for my case?

No, I hoped it was a Nice solution to read which input sources are available. Because with my device that page displays that info. However, the current Homey version does not support to make a source selection list after the device is detected only hardcoded when writing the app, so it does not really matter.

Good news, just received the message the app is live! So try it out and see if it works for you.

Oehh which one is it, they both say they have been updated 3 months ago