[BOUNTY - €120] Visonic SDK v2 Compatibility Work

I am hoping with this thread to provide the motivation for @nlrb to upgrade the Visonic app. He did a great job creating it. Now, it would be great for it to work with SDK v2.

I have no idea how much work is involved, but without his app, my install is pretty useless with the new 2.0.

Therefore, I would propose a bounty to assist him.

I am offering €20 euro. If @nlrb comes back and says there is significant work then I will gladly up my bounty.

Are there others willing to support this?

Bounty currently stands at

€20 - Konrad Walsh - @KonradWalsh
€20 - Raymondh - @Raymond
€20 - jeroenvano - @jeroenvano
€20 - MarcoRuiter - @MarcoRuiter
€20 - Javier - @jmieres
€20 - Gr. Remco - @rhannink

Total - €120

App Link

Github - https://github.com/nlrb/com.visonic.powermax/tree/b671be1c2595b24c231ca407a54c40f8d8019acd

GitHub Issue Opened -

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I’m also willing to pay 20 euro. And if necessary even some more. Otherwise my Homey becomes also pretty useless.
But do we already know for sure the existing app isn’t working on V2.0.0?

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Please add me also for €20 to get the Visonic Powermax app ready for Homey 2.0
My house is too reliant on this app making it a showstopper upgrading to Homey 2.0

Regards, Jeroen

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No, I can t upgrade to 2.0 whilst the server issues are ongoing… so I can’t test it… Once upgrade comes to me I will test straight away… Its perfect timing for me cause I just moved house so my entire system is down now

@MarcoRuiter this might also be in your interest :thinking::wink:

OK, i will also put another 20 on the bountry :muscle:

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@nlrb replied on Github -

Appreciate the support guys, but it is time I need :-). Hopefully I get some time to work on this during the Christmas holidays. Still rely on one of you to then test it on FW 2.0.x, since I’m not planning to move over soon.

So he is willing to look at this for us at least.

I have offered to be a tester since my network is broken now anyway with moving house


Another one here ready to contribute with 20€. Please add them to the bounty.
Hopefully Ramón will be able to find sometime to look into this


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Good stuff!

I am in, actually Visonic is one of the most important apps for me and I am waiting for this app to upgrade to 2.0.
So anther 20 euro from me.

Gr. Remco

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Is there any progress on the integration for 2.0?


As promised a long time ago I paid my 20,00 euro bonus to @nlrb.
The version 2.04 is working great. Keep up the good work.

Gr. Remco

Thanks @rhannink!

I also still have a debt as I promised to pay to @nlrb. Where can I donate?

There is a donate button at the store of the app: https://homey.app/en-gb/app/com.visonic.powermax/Visonic-PowerMax/
At the grey box with the version info etc

Thanks, just paid my debt for the good work @nlrb delivered :grin:. Enjoying this essential app every day!

Thanks @jeroenvano!